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Rock Steady Ukulele tab

Bryan Adams


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Rock Steady

Áño: 2005 - Álbum: Anthology

Tono:  E
	  Verse 1:
E                                                    A
 You need a man that'll treat you like the woman you are.
E                                                      A
 Those little boys are just foolin' around with you're heart.
C#m                        B
 Whatcha gonna do now that you're all alone.
C#m                    A
 You need a rock not a rollin' stone.
E              B                  C#m                       A 
  So when a boy, just ain't enough, you need a man made of stronger stuff,
    E      B
Get ready.  Whoa!
A E Rock Steady all night long, rock steady 'til the light of dawn. A E Slow and easy, tried and true, rock steady baby me and you.
Solo:(keep repeating A and E chords) C G Amateurs and dilletantes, They can't give you what you really want. C When all the others have been untrue, Bb I'll give you something you can hold on to, Yeah! Repeat Refrão
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