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Áño: 1987 - Álbum: Anthology

(Adams , Vallance)

Tono:  A
	  Intro:  A    D     A    D
A                    D                          A       D
 Pardon me, have you got the time to let me say hello.
A                               D
 I can't help but see, that you look like a
                            A          D  
 lady I used to know a long time ago.
G Bm A A/D A A/D A Remember the times we spent together. G Bm A A/D A A/D A Remember the days that went forever. G Bm A A/D A A/D A Remember the nights we stayed together. G Bm A D Whatever I do I still remember.
Verse 2: A D A D It's hard to believe, that I held her up and then she let me down. A D A D It's all the same to me, but you broke my heart and left me spinnin' round. (Refrão) SOLO (repeat A | D intro pattern 4X) (Refrão)
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