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Please Stay Ukulele tab

Bryan Adams



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Please Stay

Tono:  A
  We shared a special moment 
  I think you felt it too 
  I know you wanted more 
  Right now, this is the best that I can do 
  If I gave you too little too late 
  How is that a no 
  I don't wanna give you up 
                    D                  A 
  But I don't wanna let you go, please stay 

Em I just need a litte time Bm And a little help to find Dm A all the words to say, please stay Em Before you walking out the door Bm I know you wanted more Dm A So give me one more day, please stay
Bridge A You were looking after you E I was looking after me F#m Sometimes it's hard to know the difference D Between what we want and what we need A I might not have said all the right things E But I know the way I feel F#m Give me one more chance D A Baby we can make this real, please stay
Em Don't wanna hear you say goodbye Bm 'Cause there's a million reasons why D A We shouldn't let it end this way, please stay Em I don't wanna see you go Bm I need to let you know Dm A Some things are hard to say, please stay Em Bm please stay... Dm don´t wanna walk away A please stay Em we shouldn´t let it end this way Bm I know you wanted more Dm A so give me one more day, please stay
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