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Into The Fire Ukulele tab

Bryan Adams


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Into The Fire

Áño: 1990 - Álbum: Into the Fire

(Adams , Vallance)

Tono:  E
	  Intro: Bsus     B
       Bsus     B

Verse 1:
E/B             B
Life, thin as a thread;
E/B                                                 B
sometimes you're lucky, sometimes you're better off dead
     E/B                                              B
Your first breath is taken and into the world you are cast
    E/B                                             B
You long for tomorrow while living each day as your last
        F#m  E/A               B 
Well, I know what your heart desires
        F#m                    E/A
But you can't take it with you
Into the fire
E   B   E   B
Verse 2: (same as before)
Now you've done all you can
Your life's at the crossroad, you watch as it slips through your hands
So stand on the mountain and shout in vain at the sky
But nobody hears you, the words only echo inside
Oh shelter the flame, it may expire
Risin' up from the ashes
Into the fire
          F#m           E/A            B
Just hold onto your life - down to the wire
    F#m                      A
Oh, out from the dragon's jaws
Into the fire

G/B                             A/B
There's a moment in every man's life         B       
When he must decide what is wrong and what's right
You could wait for your dreams to come true
    A/B                                           B
But time has no mercy, time won't stand still for you...
Well, I know what your heart desires
Crawlin' out from the wreckage
Into the fire

Bsus    B
G/B     A/B      B
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