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Jesse James Ukulele tab

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Jesse James

Áño: 2007 - Álbum: Live In Dublin (2CD/DVD)

Tono:  D
Jesse James was a lad 
     G             D 
That killed many a man 
He robbed the Glendale train 
He stole from the rich 
       G           D 
And he gave to the poor 
                  A           D 
He'd a hand and a heart and a brain 

Well it was Robert Ford 
     G            D 
That dirty little coward 
I wonder now how he feels 
For he ate of Jesse's bread 
       G                D 
And he slept in Jesse's bed 
                 A            D 
And he laid poor Jesse in his grave 

G Well Jesse had a wife D To mourn for his life Three children A Now they were brave D But that dirty little coward G D That shot Mr. Howard A D He laid poor Jesse in his grave
(D G D D A) (D G D D A D)(x2) Well Jesse was a man G D A friend to the poor A He'd never rob a mother or a child D There never was a man with G D The law in his hand A D That could take Jesse James when alive It was on a Saturday night G D Well the moon was shining bright A They robbed the Glendale train D And people they did say G D O'er many miles away A D "It was those outlaws Frank and Jesse James"
Now the people held their breath G D When they heard of Jesse's death A They wondered how he'd ever come to fall D Robert Ford it was a fact G D He shot Jesse in the back A D While Jesse hung a picture on the wall Jesse went to rest G D With his hand on his breast A The devil upon his knee D He was born one day G D In the County Clay A D And he came from a solitary race
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