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That's What She Gets-las Vegas Acoustic Ver. Ukulele tab

Brooks And Dunn

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That's What She Gets-las Vegas Acoustic Ver.

Tono:  G
	  G                    G/F# 
what she wants is a man to be faithful, 
G/F                    Cadd9 
   True heart somebody willing and able, 
   Cadd9                    G 
To stay by her side through thick and thin, 
  Cadd9               D 
A tender touch every now and then, 

(verse 2) 
G                    G/F# 
She's not hung up on farytales, 
          G/F                    Cadd9 
Or some dream at the bottom of a wishin well, 
Cadd9           G 
  Fancy cars or diamond rings, 
Cadd9                       D         
What she wants most are the little things, well 

Cadd9            G 
That's what she gets,  
Cadd9              G   
  That's what she gets, 
Cadd9              D        G        G/F# - G/F - Cadd9 
  That's what she gets for lovin me, 
(Repeat chords for verse 3 and 1 more chorus...) 
(verse 3) 
At times I lay awake at night, 
Stare at her layin by my side, 
Knowin in her heart as she sleeps, 
She can forever count on me, 


That's what she gets 
That's what she gets,         
That's what she gets for lovin me... 
(Roll credits...)
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