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Texas And Norma Jean Ukulele tab

Brooks And Dunn

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Texas And Norma Jean

Tono:  D
	  Intro: D E F# A | 2x 

                 D   G                D 
It was a foggy mornin' south of San Jose 
        D            A       B 
We were sittin' in a crowded coffee shop 
     E                G 
With nothin' left to say 
   D                   E  
My cup grew cold and a teardrop rolled 
         A                      G 
Down her cheek and I brushed it away 
      A                              D 
I remember it all just like yesterday 

      F#     G               D   
And I see it now, I feel it still 
G                      A               D 
It's a day I can't forget and never will 
               G                     F#        F 
And I hear her voice on the winds of Abilene 
    E       F#      G           A                    D 
She used to call me Texas and I called her Norma Jean 

Still see her wavin' through the radiator steam 
She was stranded by the roadside on her way to bigger things 
She threw her bags in back, said she liked my hat 
Her name was Marilyn Justine 
I fell into her California dream 


        G                           D 
Yeah we took a lotta detours on our winding way out west 
G              A          B                         A 
Livin' for the moment, forgettin' all the rest 
G                                     D     A      B 
The life that she had waitin' and the one I left behind 
And now I'm back here tryin' to sort it out 
One fence post at a time 
In that coffee shop, the road just stopped 
And we faced reality 
             A                                   D 
The place that she was goin' had no place for me 


Yeah I called her Norma Jean
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