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She Used To Be Mine Ukulele tab

Brooks And Dunn

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She Used To Be Mine

Tono:  C
She Used To Be Mine  by  Brooks & Dunn             Intro:  C G C G 
She looked so good movin? ?cross the dance floor 
Better than the day she left me 
Arm in arm with somebody new 
Holdin? hands and laughin? like we used to 
         Bm                      C 
I got my best smile on, but it?s no disguise 
Bm                D 
It don?t hide the pain in these eyes 

G Bm I did her so wrong, for so long C G D Turned my back on her love, now she?s long gone G Bm I did my part, to break her heart C G She walked out on me, and tore my world apart G Am Em C G She used to be mine (Oooo-ooo-ooo), Oh-oh, She used to be mine
C G C G > C It?s taken every bit of strength that I have G To keep a hurt look off of my face C I cain?t keep from lookin? back over my shoulder G At the lucky man takin? my place Bm C Oh, if it weren?t for my pride, I?d probably take off runnin? Bm D Guess what I?m feelin?, is what I got comin? Bm C Bm D> Am Em C(strum) C C C C G Oh, she used to be mine, She used to be mine Gerry
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