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Lost And Found Ukulele tab

Brooks And Dunn


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Lost And Found

Tono:  E
Keywords: Country 
Sender: [email protected] (NB7243000-McGlynnJA(DR6713)000) 
Organization: AT&T Bell Laboratories  
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1993 18:50:32 GMT 
Lines: 74 
Here is how I play "Lost And Found" by Brooks & Dunn. 
E E E E 
E                   E 
I lost her trail on a Friday night 
        A               B 
She was gone before I got home 
E                E 
She'd been getting restless 
        B           B 
In that big house all alone 
          E               E 
I've been up and down these city streets 
    A               E 
For three nights in a row 
    A               E 
And lord it's hard to find that girl 
         B              E 
When she gets the urge to go 

E It's kinda like a lost and found B In a border town E A Askin' bout a diamond ring E They just look at you E Like you've lost your mind B Say they haven't seen a thing A B But I know she's been here lately E A I can still smell her perfume B B A And she gets crazy on a full moon
E E And I know she'll be coming back A B Her car is waiting right outside E E But, I don't want to think about B B Who's taking her for a ride E And her unpredictability A E Is what I love about her best A E Lord I've got to find her quick B E Before she does something I regret BRIDGE: A B She's out there somewhere A B Burnin up the night A B Somehow I've got to run her down Dbm I'm running out of time
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