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If You See Her Him Ukulele tab

Brooks And Dunn


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If You See Her Him

	  subject: if you see her/if you see him 
by: reba and brooks&Dunn 
R=reba, B&D=brooks and dunn 
R: If you (G)see him (Em)tell him I wish him(F)well,(D) 
How I'm(G)doing, well some(Em)times it's hard to (F)tell,(D) 
(C)I still miss him(D)more than ever, 
(G)Please don't say a (Em)word, 
if you (C)see him,(D)if you see(G)him, 
B&D: If you (G)see her, (Em)tell her I'm doing (F)fine,(D) 
And if you(G)want too, (Em)say that I think of(F)her, 
from time to(D)time., 
(C)Ask her if she's(D)ever wondered, 
(G)Where we both went(Em)wrong, 
If you(C)see her,(D)If you(G)see her,.. 
Oh, (D)I still (Em)want her,  
R: Oh, (D)I still(C)need him so, 
both: Oh,(D)I don't(Em)know why we(C)let each other(D)go_, 
B&D: If you(G)see her, (Em)tell her the light's still(F)on,for(D)her, 
R: Nothing's(G)changed, (Em)deep down the fire still(F)burns, 
And(C)even if it(D)takes forever,(Em)say I'll still be(C)here, 
R: If you(Am)see him,(D)B&D: if you(G)see her,(repeat twice) 

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