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If That's The Way You Want It Ukulele tab

Brooks And Dunn

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If That's The Way You Want It

Tono:  G
	  I've (G) loved you since I met you I guess I always (D) will 

There's (D)  somethin' 'bout the way you smile that makes my heart stand  (G) still 

You (G) say you love your freedom,  I'd never tie you (C) down 

But if you (D)  ever need these lovin' arms, well I'll be hangin' (G) 'round 


If (G) that's the way you want it well that's all right with (D) me 

If (D) that's the way you want it, well that's how it's gonna (G) be 

I'll (G) be your Johnny-on-the-spot or Mr. used-to-(C)be 

If (D) that's the way you want it, well that's all right with (G) me 

I'm (G) laid-back easy-goin', I'm not the jealous (D) kind 

I (D) won't get in your business if you won't mess with (G) mine 

Just (G) say the word forever, I'll gladly sing  that (C) tune 

I'll (D) lay the world down at your feet and fly you to the (G) moon 

CHORUS --break- -CHORUS (last line.. well that's quite all right with me)
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