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Husbands And Wives Ukulele tab

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Husbands And Wives

Tono:  D
	  Album: If You See Her (1998) 
Written by: Roger Miller 
Intro:  D / / F#m / / Bm / / A / / D / / F#m / / Bm / / A / / 
(The beat is one-two-three, one-two-three; tap your foot). 
    D             F#m                Bm            A        Em   A  Em  A 
Two broken hearts lonely looking like houses where nobody lives... 
    G             Em             G             A          D     F#m  Bm  A 
Two people each having so much pride inside neither side forgives... 
   C            Am        C          D              G        Em  Bm  Em 
The angry words spoken in haste such a waste of two lives... 
     A         A7            A                Em              A  
It's my belief pride is the chief cause in the decline in the number of  
 A7            D   F#m  Bm  A 
husbands and wives 
A woman and a man,  A man and a woman 
G                 A                D   F#m  Bm  A 
Some can and some can't and some can't 
Em / / F#m / / Em / / Bm  G  Em  A / / / / / 
Repeat 1st verse, then repeat intro to finish. 
*Got in the mood to play this song because of tonight's Reba and Brooks & Dunn 
concert.  Wish more country bands would come to California on tour... 

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