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Brand New Whiskey Ukulele tab

Brooks And Dunn

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Brand New Whiskey

Tono:  A
	  A                G                         D           G                 D    
(Chorus)Yeah! They oughta' make a brand new whiskey, and give it a woman's name. 

  G                      D        Bm         E                      A    
A man needs somethin' to hold on to, when a goodbye hits him like a hurricane. 

G                 D                  G           D    
Make it sweet, as sweet as her lips, intoxicating as her kiss, 

G                 D        Bm    
Somethin' special like Champaign, 

A           G                       D           G         A       D    
Yeah!  They oughta make a brand new whisky, and give it a woman's name. 

  D                                                  C               G    
(Verse)  You're leavin's the reason I'm drinkin', Oh I've never felt, so alo= 

            D         Bm      E            A    
Night and day, I stay stone, hopin' to forget she's gone. 

I never thought that she would do me so dirty, 

C                     G    
Together forever, she promised me. 

                          D      Bm        E                    A    
She took her promise, and left a memory, today that woman walked out on me. 


(Lead)   G     D     G     D     G     G     A    


            G                       D           G         A       D    
Yeah!  They oughta make a brand new whisky, and give it a woman's name.
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