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Always Be Loved By Me Ukulele tab

Brooks And Dunn


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Always Be Loved By Me

Tono:  C
You? Always be Loved by Me    Brooks And Dunn 
(Intro C  /Am   /F   /G  ) 
C                    G                    F               G7 
I know forever is a long long time, for a girl to put her heart on the 
C                     G                            F 
Trust is a tightrope, we? all have to walk, baby don?be afraid, I 
won?let you fall 
F                    Em7             Dm7         G             G7 
With a little faith, mountains move, you and me, we can?lose?. 

C Am F E7 You can count on the sun to rise, and the stars to come out at night F G F G7 C As long as there?air to breathe, You? Always?Be Loved By Me
-----Verse 2------------------------------------------------------------ Love comes, so many times goes, so much out there, we? never know Call it faith, call it destiny, I think?.we were meant to be This old world , it spins so fast, so many things, they just don? last?? to Chorus _________________________________________________________________________ Trancribed by Barry Hoffman [email protected] Original key is in "D"
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