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Hold My Hand Ukulele tab

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Hold My Hand

Tono:  G
Capo en el 3er traste


G                         G7 
Raven is the color of her long, curly hair 
C          C/B        Am               D  
Red is the dress that she knows how to wear 
       G                           G7 
Bluest eyes I've ever seen - maybe just a touch of green 
    C                    C/B         Am   
Oh, she could steal most any woman's man 
C                     D               G  
This'd be a real good time to hold my hand 

G                               G7 
She walked up and said, "Hello, it's been awhile" 
C                  C/B           Am               D  
Don't think I didn't notice the nervous in your smile 
       G                         G7                 C    C/B    Am 
Wasn't that long ago you were a whole lot more than friends 
C                     D               G 
This would be a real good time to hold my hand 

G7 C Don't let this moment linger D G G/F# Em Now would be the time A7 To reach out with your fingers C D And get 'em tangled up with mine G G7 C C/B Am Let her know for sure that I'm more than just a soft place to land C D G This'd be a real good time to hold my hand
Bridge: Em B If I'm your future and she's your past C D If it's over with her and our love's gonna last Chorus Tag: Em A7 Oh, this would be a good time C D G This'd be a real good time to hold my hand
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