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You Are The Only One Ukulele tab

Brad Steeves

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You Are The Only One

Tono:  F
F G#m Bb C# 
Verse 1: 
F              G#m 
You are the only one 
Bb             C# 
Who came to save us all 
F              G#m 
You are the king of kings 
Bb             C# 
Who made us who we are 
C#      G#m              Bb            C# 
We worship you, we live for you, we long for you 
C#      G#m              Bb            C# 
We sing to you, we life your name on high 
F             G#m 
Lift up your hands 
Bb      C# 
Open your eyes 
F             G#m 
The saviour has come 
Bb         C# 
To bring us new life 
Verse 2: 
You are the risen one 
Who takes away our pain 
You are the holy one 
Who calls us by name! 
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