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Stay Ukulele tab

Bonnie Bianco & Pierre Cosso



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Tono:  D
	  D               Bm 
You are my life 
D                             F#m 
you are my only one desire 
              Bm                            Em 
You're the air that I breathe tonight 
A7                                           D 
Won't you stay here beside me stay? 
A               F#m 
When I see you 
A                                           C#m 
there's a glow from the stars above 
 F#m                Bm   
Guess they know that I'm so in love 
                                            A  C D7 
I'll stay here beside you stay. 
D            Bm 
Day after day 
D                                     F#m 
feeling low in the evening sun 
Bm                                         Em 
Till you came and you were the one 
A7                                           D 
Now I'll stay here beside you stay. 
G                                A                         D 
Well remembered dreams of a foolish parade 
Didn't need to persuade you 
Em                 A7 
hungry for a smile 
D                                              Bm                      Em            A7            D 
In the morning moonlight that'll be alright with you take my hand. 
D           Bm            D                                   F#m   
All I can do is to dream of you all day through 
Bm                                         Em 
Close my eyes all I see is you 
A7                                           D 
Yes I'll stay here beside you stay. 
D           Bm 
Stay by my side 
D                                         F#m 
you're the air that I breathe tonight 
Bm                                         Em 
All I want is to hold you tight 
A7                                           D 
Yes I'll stay here beside you stay 
Bm                                         Em 
Forever here we'll stay tonight 
A7                D 
here we'll stay! 
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