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Wedding Day Ukulele tab

Bon Jovi

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Wedding Day

Tono:  G

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I---3-/-5-\-3--------------------I I---3-/-5-\-3---3-/-5-\-3------3-I I---------------2-/-4-\-2-\-0--0-I I--------------------------------I I--------------------------------I I--------------------------------I
G C9/B A74 C9 Verse G C9/B Today you'll pick up all the pieces A7 4 C9 And get on with your life G C9/B All I can hope is that you’re happy A74 C9 'Cause today you're someone else’s wife G C9/B Right now I wish that I could turn back A74 C9 And beg the hands of time G C9/B For the days that I remember, Oh baby A74 C9 The days when you were mine Em C And if I never said I love you Em C It's cause the words got in the way
G C9/B Now all I do is say I’m sorry D Sorry I missed your wedding day
Intro chords Verse 2 G C9/B I'd bet you looked good at altar A74 C9 I'd bet he knew the words say G C9/B And the angels smile when you walk down the aile A74 C9 You both knelt down to pray Em C As he put his ring on your finger Em C I know there's just one thing left to say
G C All I can do is say I’m sorry D Sorry I missed your wedding day
G - C9 So Sorry
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(solo) Exatamente como na introdução só no final em vez de C toque C5, daí D5 e depois Eb da próxima parte.
Eb G You won't be walking through this door anymore Eb You won't be sleeping in this bed anymore F D Tho' I swear I see your shadow waltz across my floor G C9/B And I don't know if I can take it A74 C9 Should we ever meet again G C9/B Cause I know that we’ll be strangers A74 C9 When he introduces us friends Em C I tried to make it to the church now baby Em C A broken heart got in the away G C9/B All I´d do is tell you I’m sorry D C Sorry I missed your wedding day D I really hope you’re happy baby G C Tho' it's killing me to say G C9/B All I can do is say I’m sorry D G Sorry I missed your wedding day C9/B A74 Sorry I missed your wedding day C9 G I'm sorry I missed your wedding day C9/B A74 I'm sorry I missed your wedding day C9 G I'm sorry I missed your wedding day Cifrado originalmente por: Bernardo Abdiel Valderrama
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