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Misty Ukulele tab

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(Errol Garner and Johnny Burke)

Tono:  C
Intro: G7 G7/13 

Look at me 
                 Gm7           C7/9-       F7M 
I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree 
                                   Fm7           Bb7/9 
And I feel like I'm clinging to a cloud 
      C7M         Am7 
I can't understand 
           Dm7            G7/9-        E7   A7 Am6 Abdim/13- 
I get misty just holding your hand 
Walk my way 
                    Gm7          C7/9-         F7M 
And a thousand violins begin to play 
                      Fm7                      Bb7/9 
Or it might be the sound of your hello 
          C7M     Am7 
That music I hear 
           Dm7            G7/9-         C7M  Am7  Dm7  G7/9-  C6 
I get misty the moment you're near 
               Bdim Am7 Am/G  D7/F#  Gm7  C7/9- 
You can say that  you're leading me on 
                     F7M                  F6 
But it's just what I want you to do 
                                         F#m7                 Bb7/9 
Don't you notice how hopelessly I'm lost 
                             D7    G7   Dbdim  Dm4/7 Abdim/13- 
That's why I'm following you 

Interlude: Bdim Am7 Am/G D7/F# Gm7 C7/9- F7M F6 F#m7 Bb7/9 D7 G7 Dbdim Dm4/7 Abdim/13- 

On my own 
                     Gm7                       C7/9-       F7M 
Would I wander through this wonderland alone 
                                      Fm7                Bb7/9 
Never knowing my right foot from my left 
       C7M             Am7 
My hat from my glove 
                Dm7       Abdim/13-    C7M 
I'm too misty and too much in love 
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