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(Bobby Troup)

Tono:  D
Intro: Verse 
A4/7/9  D     Fdim Em7 A4/7/9    D6    Fdim 
Hey,   listen            to  my story 'bout  
  Em7       Edim   D  Fdim  G6  A6/7/9  D   Fdim  Em7 A4/7/9 
A gal named Daisy Mae,     lazy Daisy  Mae 
          D    Fdim  G6          A4/7/9      D6      Fdim  Em7   
Her disposition        is rather sweet and charming 
  A4/7/9   D6    Fdim   Em7 A4/7/9   D C Cm Cm6  
At times alarming,           so they say 
          Cm                              Cdim 
She had a man who's tall, dark, handsome, large and strong 
             Am7    Cdim       D7 
To whom she used to sing this song 

Cdim  G    Edim Am7         Cdim      G6   Edim       Am7    D7/9 
Hey, Daddy,         I want a diamond ring, bracelets, everything 
G    Edim Am7          Cdim              G   F7  Cm7  D7  
Daddy,       you oughta get the best for me. 
Cdim  G    Edim Am7              Cdim      G6    
Hey, Daddy, gee,    won't I look swell in sables 
Edim         Am7    D7/9 
Clothes with Paris labels 
G    Edim Am7          Cdim              G   C  G  
Daddy,       you oughta get the best for me 

G#7                             C#6 
Here's 'n'amazing revelation with a bit of stimulation 
A  Em7   D              Cdim         D7 
I'd be a great sensation, I'd be your inspiration 
G    Edim Am7         Cdim      G6   Edim       Am7  D7/9 
Daddy,       I want a brand new car, champagne, caviar 
G    Edim Am7          Cdim              G   Gdim Am7 G  
Daddy,       you oughta get the best for me 
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