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She's Your Lover Now Ukulele tab

Bob Dylan



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She's Your Lover Now

Tono:  C#
Capo en el 1er traste

C                      Dm 
The pawnbroker he just roared 
      Em                F 
And it was good for the landlord 
C      Dm    C      F  G 
To see me so crazy,      Wasn't it? 
C             Dm 
Both were so glad 
          Em                 F 
To see me lose everything I had 
C    Dm          C          F                G 
Pain sure brings out the best in people, now, doesn't it? 

Em                           Dm 
Why didn't you just leave me If you didn't want to stay? 
Em                                 Dm                     F        G 
Why'd you have to treat me so bad? Did it have to be that way? 
G   F   C     Dm     C 
Now you stand here asking me 
                  F              G 
If something happened, I got to say 
     Am                                G 
And you, I see you're still with her, well 
       Am                                                 G          G  F  Em  Dm 
That's fine 'cause she's comin' on so strange, can't you tell? 
C           Dm        C      F 
I think you better explain 
                C         Dm       C           F 
What she should really do with her iron chain 
    C      Dm           C            F      G 
I'd do it before, but I just can't remember how 
Am          G 
Talk to her 
F          Am     G 
You're her lover now 

       C              Dm 
Yes I, I've already assumed 
        Em                 F 
That we weren't in the felony room 
    C  Dm      C          F                 G 
But I ain't the judge, you don't have to be nice to me 
     C               Dm 
Will you please tell that 
        Em                   F 
To your friend with the cowboy hat 
     C      Dm       C        F        G 
He keeps on sayin' everything twice to me 

You know I was straight with you 
You know I never tried to change you in any way 
You know if you didn't want to be with me 
                Dm         F    G 
That you didn't have to stay. 
G   F   C     Dm     C                    F 
Now you stand here sayin' you forgive me, well 
What can I say? 
     Am                                                          G 
And you, you just sit around and ask for ashtrays,well, can't you reach? 
Am                                                    G         G  F  Em  Dm 
I see you kiss her on the cheek everytime she gives a speech 
         C           Dm       C       F 
With her picture books of the pyramid 
      C      Dm   C          F 
And snapshots of billy the kid 
        C   Dm           C            F         G 
They're all nice but I refuse to stand here and bow 
Am              G 
Explain it to her 
F          Am     G 
You're her lover now 

C                  Dm 
And everybody that cares 
           Em                  F 
I see them goin' up the castle stairs 
    C   Dm  C      F     G 
But I'm not up in your castle, honey 
C        Dm 
Can't recall 
Em               F 
San Francisco at all 
C Dm    C         F     G 
I can't even remember El Paso, uh , honey 
You know you never had to be faithful 
I never expect you to grieve 
Oh, why was it so hard to you 
                      Dm                F        G 
If you didn't want to be there, just to leave? 

G   F   C     Dm 
Now you stand here 
          C       F           G 
With you finger's goin' up my sleeve 
    Am                         G 
And you, just what you do, anyway? 
    Am                                                         G        G F Em Dm 
What are you, some kind of moose, Ain't there nothing you can say? 
          C        Dm           C     F 
She'll be standin' on the bar soon 
      C      Dm           C     F 
With a fish head and a harpoon 
        C   Dm     C        F      G 
An' a fake beard plastered on her brow 
Am                   G 
You'd better do something 
F          Am     G 
You're her lover now 

C                      Dm 
Why must I fall for this madness? 
Em                    F 
Do I look like Charles Atlas? 
       C    Dm    C      F        G 
Do you think I still got what you still got, honey? 
C                   Dm 
Her voice is really warm 

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