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Rambler, Gambler Ukulele tab

Bob Dylan

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Rambler, Gambler

Tono:  A
	               A                                             D                            E 
I?m a rambler I?m a gambler       I?m a long way from my home 
            A                D          A                    D             E 
If the people don?t like me       They can leave me alone 
Come sit down beside me 
Come sit down right here 
Come sit down as long as you want to 
Love you always from here 
When you get to Wyoming 
A letter you?ll see 
If you get in to trouble 
Just you ride after me 
For I once had a lover 
Her age was sixteen 
She was the flower of Belton 
And the rose of Saline 
Her parents was against me 
Now she?s just the same 
If I?m writ in your book, gal 
Just you blot out my name 
Oh there?s changes in the ocean 
There?s changes in the sea 
There?s changes in my true love 
Ain?t  no change in me 
Hi everybody! this is the way Dylan plays it in the new ablum No Direction Home 
the lyrics (love you always from here) is just a gess  
because i can't figure out what he's saying on that part. but everything else is  
all set. enjoy playing this easy/fun song! 

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