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Poor Lazarus Ukulele tab

Bob Dylan



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Poor Lazarus

Tono:  D

D/F#          G          G7 
Well they found poor Lazarus 
      C            A 
in between two mountains 
            G      D/F# 
Blowed him down    great God 
                  G    D/F# 
they blowed him down 

verse 1 

          G             G7 
Well they killed poor Lazarus 
         C     A 
with a mighty number 
        G   D/F# 
number 45 

verse 2 

          G                G7 
Poor Lazarus they took his body 
C                    A 
to the commissary office 
            G   D/F# 
Walked away 
                          G   D/F# 
great God they walked away 

verse 3 

          G               G7 
Poor Lazarus Lazarus's father 
C                             A 
When he heard his son was a-dying 
                            G   D/F# 
he said: let that fool go down 
                   G   D/F# 
Let the fool go down 

verse 4 

          G                      G7 
And Lazarus Lazarus's little sister 
C                            A 
she could not come to the funeral 
                 G     D/F# 
Didn't have no shoes 
               G     D/F# 
lord on her feet 

Verse 5 

          G                   G7 
And Lazarus Lazarus's old mother 
C              A 
walking down the road 
                 G    D/F# 
crying: my only son 
                   G    D/F# 
he killed my only son 

Verse 6 

          G                     G7 
Hey captain did you hear the news? 
C                         A 
Your men are gonna leave you 
            G    D/F# 
next pay day 
                    G    D/F# 
oh lord next pay day 

Verse 7 

          G                       G7 
Well the high sheriff told the deputy 
C                     A 
go out and get me Lazarus 
            G     D/F# 
Dead or alive 
dead or alive 
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