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Just Like A Woman Ukulele tab

Bob Dylan



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Just Like A Woman

Áño: 1967 - Álbum: Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits


Tono:  F

  F    Bb    C7    F 
Nobody feels any pain 
  Bb       C7            F 
Tonight as I stand inside the rain 
Bb         C7 
Everybody knows 
Bb                  C7 
That Baby's got new clothes 
      Bb Am     Gm   F      C7 
But late-ly     I   see her ribbons and her bows 
      Dm      F  Bb   C11     C7    C9    C7 
Have fallen from her curls 
C7    F    Am   Gm  F Bb 
She takes just like a woman, yes, she does 
      F         Am   Gm  F Bb 
She makes love just like a woman, yes, she does 
          F    Am   Gm  F Bb 
And she aches just like a woman 
        C11    C7          C9     C7  F 
But she breaks just like a little     girl. 
Verso 2 
Queen Mary, she's my friend. 
Yes I believe I'll go see her again. 
Noboby has to guess, 
That baby can't be blessed, 
'Till she finally sees that she's like all the rest. 
With her fog, 
Her amphetamines 
And her pearls 
Ponte : 
It was raining from the first 
And I was dying of thirst 
So I came in here 
And you long time curse hurts 
But whats worse is this pain in here 
C11      C7         C9  C6   
 I can't stay in here 
C11      C7   C9 C7 
Ain't it   clear that  
Verso 3 
I just can't fit. 
Yes I believe it's time for us to quit. 
And when we meet again, 
Introduced as friends, 
Please don't let on that you knew me when, 
I was hungry, 
And it was your world then. 
Ah you fake, just like a woman. . . yes you do
You make love, just like a woman. . . yes you do
then you ache, just like a women
But you break just like a little girl

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