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If Not For You Ukulele tab

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If Not For You

Tono:  G
	  *Intro: G-D-C G-D-C... 

If Not For (G) You (D)(C) Babe, I couldn't even find (G) the door (D)(C) 

I couldn't even (G) see the floor (D)(C) I'd be sad and (Am) blue 

If Not For You (G)(D)(C)    (G  D  C) 

If Not For (G) You (D)(C) Babe the night would see me (G) wide awake (D)(C) 

The day would surely (G) have to break (D)(C) It would not be (Am) new 

If Not For You (G D C    G D C) 

If Not For You my sky (G) would fall, 

(D7) rain would gather too.  (G) 

(C) without your love I'd be no-(G)-where at all, I'd be lost  

(A7) If Not For You   (D7)(Bm)*-picked from high to low-* 

(D7) If Not For (G) You (D C) The winter would hold (G) no spring (D  C) 

Couldn't hear a (G) robin sing (D  C) I just wouldn't have a (Am) clue 

If Not For (G) You (D  C) 

{repeat bridge and last verse; end with repeat of G-D-C chords} 

   Submitted by Allan Hurd [email protected]  
   Corrections welcomed (and fully expected) 
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