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Forever Young Ukulele tab

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Forever Young

Áño: 1985 - Álbum: The Essential Bob Dylan (Rm) (2CD)

Tono:  D
May God bless and keep you always,    
May your wishes all come true,    
                Em             /F#  G   
May you always  do  for   others,    
             G   /F# Em   /D  D   
And let others   do   for you.    
May you build a ladder to the stars    
And climb on every rung    
                        Em   /F#   G               
And may you stay...  
A7 G A7 D       /       D 
for-ev-er young   

                A7 rocking     Bm 
Forever young, forever young   
               D       A7              D       /      D 
may you stay,       forever young        

(Chords same as above)  
May you grow up to be righteous,    
May you grow up to be true,    
May you always know the truth,    
And see the light surrounding you.    
May you always be courageous,    
Stand upright and be strong,    
And may you stay forever young.  


May your hands always be busy,    
May your feet always be swift,    
May you have a strong foundation,    
When the winds of changes shift.    
May your heart always be joyful,    
May your song always be sung,     
And may you stay forever young. 


Chord Transcribed: [email protected] 

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