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Dear Landlord Ukulele tab

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Dear Landlord

Áño: 2003 - Álbum: John Wesley Harding

(Gurewitz/Irwin Levine/Tú/Lio Mourã)

Tono:  F
C                                              E7 
Dear Landlord, please don't put a price on my soul, 
Am            Am    F                Em      Dm 
My burden is heavy, my dreams are beyond control. 
F                             F7 
When that steamboat whistle blows, 
I'm gonna give you all I got to give, 
C             Dm7    C        C7 
and I do hope you receive it well, 
          F         Gm                  Dm     F G 
Depending on the way you feel that you live. 

Dear Landlord, please heed these words that I speak, 
I know you've suffered much, but in this you are not so unique. 
all of us at times we might work too hard 
To have it too fast and too much, 
and anyone can fill his life up with things he can see 
But he just cannot touch. 

Dear Landlord, please don't dismiss my case, 
I'm not about to argue, I'm not about to move to no other place. 
Now each of us has his own special gift, 
and you know this was meant to be true, 
and if don't underestimate me, 
I won't underestimate you. 
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