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4th Time Around Ukulele tab

Bob Dylan


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4th Time Around

Tono:  E
Intro.: (E A)3x B7 F#m 
E    A     
When she said, 
        E          A                   E 
"Don't waste your words, they're just lies," 
    A            E       A 
I cried she was deaf.             
    E       A         E      A              E  
And she worked on my face until breaking my eyes, 
      A                        E       A 
Then said, "What else you got left?" 
It was then that I got up to leave 
But she said, "Don't forget, 
     E         A              E 
Everybody must give something back 
        A          E        A 
For something they get." 
I stood there and hummed, 
I tapped on her drum and asked her how come. 
And she buttoned her boot, 
And straightened her suit, 
Then she said, "Don't get cute." 
So I forced my hands in my pockets 
And felt with my thumbs, 
And gallantly handed her 
My very last piece of gum. 
She threw me outside, 
I stood in the dirt where ev'ryone walked. 
And after finding I'd 
Forgotten my shirt, 
I went back and knocked. 
I waited in the hallway, she went to get it, 
And I tried to make sense 
Out of that picture of you in your wheelchair 
That leaned up against . . . 
Her Jamaican rum 
And when she did come, I asked her for some. 
She said, "No, dear." 
I said, "Your words aren't clear, 
You'd better spit out your gum." 
She screamed till her face got so red 
Then she fell on the floor, 
And I covered her up and then 
Thought I'd go look through her drawer. 
And, when I was through 
I filled up my shoe 
And brought it to you. 
And you, you took me in, 
You loved me then 
You didn't waste time. 
And I, I never took much, 
I never asked for your crutch. 
Now don't ask for mine. 
Contribuição: Vitor Machado Bringel Bezerra([email protected]) 

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