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Two Car Garage Ukulele tab

BJ Thomas

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Two Car Garage

Áño: 1995 - Álbum: Wind Beneath My Wings

Tono:  G
	            G                  C        G 
I used to be Mr. Free, tall, dark and cool 
        C                 Am 
I did a solo act, made up my own rules 
    G                             C        G 
The you came along and changed my point of view 
   C                     Am7 
Oh baby, what am I gonna do 
     Em          Bm 
Just look at me, looking at you 
          Am7                          D 
I can't believe the things I'm looking forward to 
Would you believe I'm thinking about a 
G                    Em 
Two car garage and a two story house 
      C             Am            D 
And a couple of kids we can drag about 
          G                      Em 
Give me a two-tone Chevrolet and too many bills to pay 
   C                Am7                       G 
Ad your two arms to make me happy living that way 
I used to play such a game of hide and seek 
I'd go looking for love then hide if it saw me 
You could find me with my friends hanging out on the street 
Now they're wondering where I could be 
Well, it's Saturday night and it's just you and me 
Snuggled up on the couch watching TV 
Would you believe I'm thinking about a 
If we don't get to Paris 
It won't break our hearts 
We'll just pack up the kids 
And go to Yellowstone Park 
I want a Chorus: 
All I want is you, baby and your sweet love 
All I want is you, baby and a 2 car garage 
All I want is you, baby and a two story house 
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