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Baby Boy Ukulele tab



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Baby Boy

Áño: 2003 - Álbum: Dangerously In Love

Tono:  F#
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Intro: D|---10h11-10--------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------| B|---------------8h9-8----6h8-6----4h6-4-----| Aki eu soh coloquei a letra do refrão mas fica a musica toda assim: F# G G F# A|----9------10-----10------9 D|---11-----12------12-----11 |Obs: tocar e NÃO G|---11-----12------12-----11 / deixar o acorde soar.
F# G Baby boy you stay on my mind G F# Fulfill my fantasies F# G I think about you all the time G F# I see you in my dreams F# G Baby boy not a day goes by G F# without my fantasiiiies F# G I think about you all the time G F# I see you in my dreams _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: João Gabriel Pinheiro Borges([email protected])
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