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Strangers In The Night Ukulele tab

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Strangers In The Night

Tono:  Dm
	  Intro Dm  C#  F  G  Bb  F  Gm7  A 

Dm                      C# 
Strangers in the night exchanging glances 
Wondering in the night 
Bm7(11)                 Bb7M 
What were the chances we'd be sharing love 
F                       Gm7  A 
Before the night was through 

Dm                      C# 
Something in your eyes was so inviting 
C                       G 
Something in your smile was so exciting 
Something in my heart 
F                       Gm7  A 
Told me I must have you 

F                       Em         A7 
Strangers in the night, two lonely people 
We were strangers in the night 
Cm7       F 
Up to the moment 
When we said our first hello 
Little did we know 
Love was just a glance away 
Cm7              F 
A warm embracing dance away and 

Dm                      C# 
Ever since that night we've been together 
F                       Bm7(11) 
Lovers at first sight, in love forever 
It turned all right 
F                       Gm7   A 
For strangers in the night 

        Dm              C# 
We were strangers (Strangers) 
        F                Bm7(11) 
We were strangers in the night 
        Bb7M            F  
We were strangers (Strangers) 
        Gm7              A 
We were strangers in the night 
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