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Philosophy Ukulele tab

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Áño: 1995 - Álbum: Ben Folds Five

Tono:  C
  C  Cmaj7  C6  Caug  Dm7  G7  Dm7  G7  
  C  Cmaj7  C6  Caug  Dm7  G7  Dm7  G7  
  VERSE 1  
           C              F      
  Won't you look up at the skyline     
         C                  Em   
  at the mortar, block, and glass.   
      F               D/F#              Gsus4  Gsus2  G  G7  
  and check out the reflections in my eyes.  
           C              F       
  See they always used to be there     
       C                     Em    
  even when this was all was grass,  
        F                D/F#            G7sus2   G7  
  and I sang and danced about a high rise.  
  PRE Chorus  
               F              G           C  B  A  G  
  And you were laughing at my helmet hat  
  F              Dm7/G  G7  Dm7/G  G7  Dm7/G  G7  Dm7/G  
  Laughing at my torch.  

C Cmaj7 C6 Go ahead and laugh all you want G Am Bm5b C Dm7 G Dm7 I got my philosophy G C Cmaj7 C6 And I trust it like the ground. Caug Dm7 G That's why my philosophy Dm7 G C/G G7 Dm7/G Keeps me running when I'm falling down.
VERSE 2 I see that there is evil, and I know that there is good, but the in betweens I never understood. Would you look at me I'm crazy, but I get the job done. I'm crazy but I get the job done, and I say, Chorus BRIDGE Am Eaug I pushed you cause I loved you guys. Am7 Am6/E I didn't realize Gm Bb/C C Bb/C C Bb/C C you weren't having fun. F G And I dragged you up the stairs and I told you to fly. F G You were flapping your arms, then you started to cry, Am Bb you were too high, oh too high. C Cmaj7 C6 Caug Dm7 G7 Dm7 G7 VERSE 3 Now you take this all for granted. You take the mortar, block, and glass, And you forget the speech that moved the stone. And it's really not that you can't see the forest for the trees, You never been out in the woods alone. So you can laugh all you Chorus Want to, but I've got my philosophy And I love you you're my friend. But you got no philosophy. Now it's time for this song to end. SOLO OUTRO G Gsus2 G Gsus2 G Gsus2 G Gsus2 G C/G Dm7/G G Dm7/G C/G G C/G Dm7/G G Dm7/G C/G G C/G Dm7/G G Dm7/G C/G G C/G Dm7/G G Dm7/G C/G G G13 F13 G13 Bb13 (descending arpeggios on Bb13) G Dm7/G G Dm7/G G Dm7/G G Dm7/G G (pound)
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