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Lonely Christmas Eve Ukulele tab

Ben Folds



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Lonely Christmas Eve

Tono:  Am

I'm not so bad 
I just hate to see  
a good time had 
C           Esus4 E 
By everyone but me. 
Dm             Esus4 E 
On this lonely Christmas Eve 
I hear them up and down 
Esus4           E 
And up and down the street. 


They're making  
F     E           Am 
Noise noise noise noise. 
F     E                Am 
How I hate their happy noise. 
There's only one thing I hate more 
Come to think of it. 
Am             Dm 
And that's the people who keep 
F E (quick down strums) 
Making it. 

F     E           Am 
Feast feast feast feast. 
F       E                 Am 
They'll have more than anyone could ever eat. 
C                          G 
Me, I'm stuck here with my cream of wheat. 
Am             Dm 
There's no one here to feast with me 
F       E                Am 
On this lonely Christmas Eve. 

C Dm Don't they know I'm up here all alone F C In my cave up in the hills? C G How I wish that this would go away, Am Dm This dreadful holiday F E That they call Christmas day.
C Dm When they're done with all their Christmas noise F C And they've had their Christmas feast C G Just when I think that I might finally Am Dm Get a moments peace they start to Verse: F E Am Sing sing sing sing. F E Am Now I'll never get no sleep. C G I'm screaming out the window Am Dm But it don't do no good. F E They sing and sing and sing Am All through the neighborhood. F E Am Sing sing sing. Dm They take their little break and then C G They do it all again. F E Am It's a lonely Christmas Eve.
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