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Áño: 2005 - Álbum: Songs For Silverman

Tono:  Dm
	    Dm               F                Bb  
      Under some dirty words on a dirty wall,  
   C           F             Bb  
      Eating take out by myself.  
  Gm                C     Gm              C  
      I played the shows, got back in the van  
                     Bb             Bb  
      and put the walkman on, and you were playing.  
  Dm               F          Bb  
      Some other dive 1,000 miles away,  
   C              F             Bb  
      I've played 1,000 times before,  
  Gm                 C           Gm                   C  
      like pathetic stars, the truck stops, and the rock club  
                Bb               Bb  
      walls I always knew.  You saw them too...  
      But you never will again  
  C                    Bb                   F  
      It's too late.          Ahh, don't you know  
                 C               Bb  
      It's been too late, for a long time.  

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