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Spaceman Ukulele tab




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Tono:  A
	  Standard Tuning 
Key of A major 

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The Twiddle: A e--0--0----------------------- B--2--2----2------------------ G--2--2----2-2---------------- D--2--0h2--2-2-----x-x-------- A--0--0----0-0-----x-x-x------ E---------------2--x-x-x------ *** No tab in the world will tell you much about how to play this twiddle. I got the mechanics you have to get the dynamics down. Finger the A chord like this : --|--------- --|--r------ ring finger --|--i------ index finger --|--m------ middle finger --|--------- --|--------- 2 and use your thumb to play the F# on the low E string . otherwise the rest of the rhythm is simple. The twiddle is played only some of the'll be obvious when. *** I think the electric part is the same chords only played with a Chorus effect...I donno...I'm not an electric person.
(Acoustic Guitar -- clean) Intro: A A i can see the heat ... D i can see A it burns you ... i can see the ... D A i can see i sapped ... D E but we're not ... A (danger... danger) i can see your .. D A i can see that i'm ... D i can see the way you .... A and i'm no ... D E but we're not angels ... A (danger... danger) D A she said: "i'm not a unicorn you can ...." D E and: "you're not a dying son there's ... A | no guitars | A i'm holding out i'm .... D for a spaceman A for a spaceman D for a spaceman A D A D A D A D A (interlude) D A she said: "i'm not the unicorn ..... D E you're not a dying son .. | no guitars | i'm holding out i'm ... D for a spaceman A for a spaceman D for a spaceman A i can see the heat ... D A i can see it .....
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