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Railroad Ukulele tab

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Tono:  C
	  C             F               C            F 
I'm packin' my bags and goin' home, I been here too long 
C              F               C     F 
So happy, I'll get there on my own 
Bb                             F   Bb 
Been here for reasons right or wrong 
C                 F                   C              
So I'm packin' my bag and I'm gettin' home 

C F C Am So I'll walk by the railroad anytime, anytime C F G Walk by the railroad anytime C F D G Tell my brother and my sister that everything's gone wrong F G C So I'm walkin' by that railroad till I'm home
C F C F There's been lies told in my story C F G But I ain't juiced none of that glory C F C F But still, I served my time and there's no use in cryin' C F C 'Cause I'm walkin' by that railroad till I'm home
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