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Its Just The Way Ukulele tab

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Its Just The Way

Tono:  E
verse 1 
E        G#m        F#m          E 
Just the way that I feel about tomorrow 
        G#m      F#m          E 
I'll be sad and alone all the time 
              C            G 
It’s just the way that you said 
          D          A              E 
You don't love me anymore, then goodbye 
          C                 G 
I can't believe what you're saying 
          D          A         E 
You don't love me anymore, goodbye 


E  A   B   E   A  B  E 

verse 2 

E        G#m        F#m          E 
Just the way that I feel about tomorrow 
        G#m      F#m          E 
Knowing you won't be there by my side 
            C            G 
I wish that I could say to you 
          D          A              E 
Well, can't we just be good friends? 
            C            G 
Would you leave the door open 
          D          A              E 
Let me walk in again? 


E          G#m        F#m              E 
That's the way I been thinking 'bout tomorrow 
   F#m           A                B       C    D 
I only know that friends can't be lovers again 
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