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If I fell Ukulele tab

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If I fell

Tono:  Ebm
		If I fell in love with you 
		Would you promise to be true 
		         Db Bbm 
		And help me understand 
		'Cause I've been in love before  
		And found that love is more 
		     Em           A 
		Than just holding hands 
		     D    Em F#m      Em 
		If I give my heart to you 
		  A                     D  Em F#m 
		I must be sure from the very  start 
		     Em        A                 D   Em  A 
		That you would love me more than her 
		     D     Em F#m 
		If I trust in you 
		   Em            A 
		Oh please, don't run and hide 
		      D   Em  F#m 
		If I love you too 
		   Em            A                  D9 
		Oh please, don't hurt my pride like her 
		Cause I couldn't stand the pain 
		    Gm                        D           A7 
		And I would be sad if our new love was in vain 
		     D    Em     F#m 
		So I hope you'll see  
		     Em      A      
		That I would love to love you 
		D   Em   F#m      Em 
		And that she will cry 
		     A                 D 
		When she learns we are two 
		     Gm      C         D 
		If I fell in love with you 

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