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Oh Suzanna Ukulele tab

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Oh Suzanna

Tono:  C
Well, I come from Alabama 
        C           G 
With my banjo on my knee 
I'm going to Louisiana, 
   C         G      C 
My true love for to see 
It rained all night the day I left 
The weather was bone dry 
And the sun so hot,I froze to death 
Susanna, don't you cry 

F Oh, Susanna, C G don't you cry for me C I come from Alabama C G C With my banjo on my knee
Well, I had a dream the other night When everything was still I dreamed I saw Susanna A-coming down the hill The buckwheat cake was in her mouth The tear was in her eye Said I'm coming from the south Susanna, don't you cry Chorus Well, I'll soon will be in New Orleans and when I do arrive I'll go and find Suzanna if she still is still alive And if I do not find that girl then I will surely die And when I'm buried in my grave, Suzanna don't you cry Chorus Fiddle Fiddle and acoustic guitar Repeat 1st verse
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