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People Ukulele tab

Barbra Streisand


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Áño: 1970 - Álbum: Super Hits

Tono:  A7+
	  A7+    F#m7   Bm7
       E7/9     A7+     F#m7   Bm7   E7/4
People who need people
        A7+            F#m7       G#m7    C#7/9
Are the luckiest people    in the world
      F#m6             C#7/9 F#m6
We're children needing other children
         F#m7/5-     B7       E7+     C#m7
And yet, letting our grown up pride
D#m7/5-      G#7    C#m7
Hide all the need inside
       F#m7 B7/9     Bm7     E7/9
Acting more     like children    than children
A7+    F#m7   Bm7
          E7/9   A7+     F#m7   Bm7
Are very special people
E7/4        A7+            F#m7       Em7    A7/9
They're the luckiest people    in the world
         D6    Bm7          E7/9   C#m7    Em7
With one person   one very special person
  A7/9    D6                   Bm7
A feeling   deep in your soul
E7/9           A6                 F#m7   B7/9
Says: you were   half, now you're whole
      C#m7       F#m7
No more hunger and thirst
    Bm7        E7/9            A7+     Em7
But first be a person who need people
A7/9            D6       Bm7
People who need people
G7/9    A6       F#m7   Bm7  E7  A6
Are the luckiest people in   the world
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