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Unbound (the Wild Ride) Ukulele tab

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Unbound (the Wild Ride)

Tono:  Dm

Intro: Dm Bb Dm Bb C (2x) 

Dm                Bb 
Somewhere life is good 
Dm                    Bb 
And things go as they should 
             C                  Dm 
It?s hard to find, But that?s alright..yeah.. 
Dm                Bb 
Searching for the way 
Dm               Bb 
Push harder everyday 
            C                   Dm 
It?s deep inside, That shining light..yeah? 

Bb      A 
But I?m scarred 
D C Bb D-C-Bb 
By barriers placed in my path 
Bb   A 
I?m scathed 

Bb Dm Bb Dm This ride that takes me through life Bb F A Dm Leads me into darkness but emerges into light Bb Dm Bb Dm No one can ever slow me down Bb F Gm I?ll stay unbound
Dm Bb Sometimes when were young Dm Bb And always on the run C Dm It gets so dark and I know that place yeah? Dm Bb So don?t be too concerned Dm Bb You?ve got a lot to learn Dm Dm Well so do I and wave got, Plenty of time yeah.. Bb A Don?t fall off the track yet D C Bb D-C-Bb With so many race to go Bb A Hold on?.. Chorus Inter: Dm Bb Dm Bb C (2x) Dm E Gm F Some live so wrong Bb A E Dm With what we do is each his own Dm E Gm F But living in fear Bb A E Dm Endless shame for countless years Bb Dm I never lived in fear I knew I?d die another day Bb A A5-G5-F5-E5-D5 I never viewed my life as something slipping away Dm A Bb There?s nothing here to take for granted C With each breath that we take Dm A Bb The hands of time strip youth from our bodies C And we fade F E Bb Memories remain A As time goes on
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