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Slip On By Ukulele tab

Austin Webb



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Slip On By

Tono:  D

Early morning by the riverside, 
Saw an old man waiting for a bite, 
G                                         Em7 
We started talking and he took me back in time. 
He said I was young, and thought I'd always be, 
Then I woke up, now I'm 83 
There's so much I missed, oh how I wish 
I could get back all that time I wasted. 

D I see the tears of a young bride Em7 G The morning that we had our first fight. Em7 I should've held her tight. D And on the day that my momma died, Em7 G I hung up the phone and never said goodbye. Don't let it slip on, Em7 Don't let it slip on, D Don't let it slip on by.
verse 2 D Well, he looked up, tears in his eyes. Em7 Said I'm not sure if you were looking for advice. G Em7 There's just something about you that reminds me of me. D It ain't easy always looking back, Em7 But it seems these days that it's all I have. G What hurts me the most is knowing what could have been, Em7 And if I listen real close sometimes I can
D Hear the sound of my little boy Em7 G Saying, daddy can you please come play with me? Em7 But I was too busy. D Then one day, my baby grew up and went to war. Em7 G I never thought he'd be gone in the blink of an eye. So don't let it slip on, Em7 Don't let it slip on, D Don't let it slip on by.
Bridge Em7 G I shook the old man's hand and I thanked him. Em7 G And I drove home as fast as I could go. D Just to let her know... D That I need her, Em7 That I love her, G Em7 That I'm never gonna let another moment like this slip on by. D Don't let it slip on by. D We're only here for a little while, Em7 G And God gives us only so much precious time. So don't let it slip on, Em7 Don't let it slip on, D Em7 Don't let it slip on by. G Em7 Don't let it slip on by.
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