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Briley Ukulele tab

Austin Allsup

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Tono:  C
	  Written by: (Allsup, McClure) 
intro: out of C chord 
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e---------------------0 B---------------------3 G---------------------2 D----2-3*p2-3*p2------0 A---1-----------------1 E--0------------------0
*hold the 3 note for a beat before pulloff verse: C F C Briley's chasing star lights left and right C F C she's out there not wandering where i am tonight
G F C and i'm only here because she sent me G F C and i'm only here because she's gone G F she stepped out on the ledge C F and right out of my sight C F C briley's chasing starlights in the night
verse: Briley she's falling down into the sound of a new garden deeper down chorus:
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