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Tono:  Am
	  {Am}Well no one {D}told me {Am7}about {D}her, the way {Am}she {F}lied   {Am}     {D}  
{Am7}Well no one {D}told me {Am7}about {D}her, how {Am}many people {F}cried   {A}  
Well it's too {D}late to {Dm}say you're {Am}sorry 
How would I {Em}know, why should I {Am}care 
Please don't {D}bother {Dm}trying to {C}find her 
She's not {E7}there 
Well let me tell you 'bout the {Am}way she looked  {D}    
The way she {Am}acted, the {F}color of her {Am}hair  {D}  
Her voice was {Am}soft and good, {F}her eyes were {Am}clear and bright  {D}  
But she's not {A}there 
{Am}Well no one {D}told me {Am7}about {D}her, what {Am}could {F}I do?  {Am}        {D}  
{Am}Well no one {D}told me {Am7}about {D}her, though {Am}they all {F}knew    {A}  
{c:Repeat bridge} 
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