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Intervention Ukulele tab

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Tono:  Am
Am F C x 2 
Am F Em G C(/F/C)

Am               F         C 
The king’s taken back the throne.  
Am           F          C 
The useless seed is sown.  
Am                    F               Em 
When they say they’re cutting off the phone,  
G                     C(/F/C) 
i tell ‘em you’re not home.  

Am F        C 
No place to hide,  
Am                     F                C 
You were fighting as a soldier on their side.  
Am             F               Em 
You’re still a soldier in your mind,  
G                       C(/F/C) 
Though nothing’s on the line.  

Am           F             C  
You say it’s money that we need,  
Am          F              C 
as if we’re only mouths to feed.  
Am        F               Em 
i know no matter what you say,  
G                              C(/F/C) 
There are some debts you’ll never pay. 

Am Em Working for the church F C while your family dies. Am Em You take what they give you F C and you keep it inside. Am Em F C Every spark of friendship and love G will die without a home. Am Em Am G C(/F/C) Hear the soldier groan, “We’ll go at it alone.”
Repeat: Verse x 2 Chorus Verse x 2 Chorus
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