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Gone With The Wind Ukulele tab

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Gone With The Wind

Tono:  D

Em7  A7        D6  Bm7 
Gone with the wind 
Em7          A7         D6    Bm7 
Just like a leaf that has blown astay 
Em7  A7      D6    Bm7 
Gone with the wind 
Em7  A7       D6    Bm7 
My  lover has flown away 
G7M         A7      G/B         A7    Edim 
Yesterday's kisses are still on my lips 
Em7  A7    G/B        A4/7    A7 Bm Bm7/E      Bm5-/7 A7 
I  found a lifetime of heaven at my   fingertips 
  Em7  A7      D6   Bm7 
But now all is gone 
Em7        A7            D6      Bm7 
Gone is the rapture that thrilled my heart 
Em7  A7      D6    Bm7 
Gone with the wind 
Em7  A7          D6      Bm7 
The gladness that stilled my heart 
G/E          A7    G7/13-    G6   A4/7     
Just like a flame, love burned brightly 
 A7  E7    G    G/F#        Em7 
Then became an empty smoke dream that has gone 
A7             D6 
Gone with the wind 
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