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The Ella B Ukulele tab

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The Ella B

	  Tabbed by: Jonathan Harrington 
* = G#, G, F#, E on Full House Aces High Live version 
 E                                        B7 
Have you ever took a boat ride down the Mississippi 
Honey if you ever do you oughta take it on the Ella B 
Cause it starts off in St. Louis Missouri 
And she take you down to Orleans and out to the sea 
           A                                E 
Well you heard about the ship called Queen Mary 
 A                           E 
That sailed on the northern sea 
 A                          E  B7                           *(G#, G, F#) E 
Ain't never took no boat ride till' you been riding on the Ella B 
 E                               B7 
Her accomodations are among the best 
Give you three square meals a day and a place to rest 
Smell them big old plates of hot biscuits and the country ham 
Get your fresh fried chickens, mashed potatoes and candied yams 
 A                                  E            A                         E 
Heard about that ship called the Constitution fighting that Revolutionary War 
 A              E    B7                              *(G#, G, F#) E 
And our inland Navy she's the finest from shore to shore 
BRIDGE: E, B7, E, B7, E 
 E                                                                B7 
Well it takes about a week to get back down that old Mississippi river 
When you get on board you wish it would last forever 
Sit on the deck fish off the side all day 
Watch the sunny southland roll by and dream your blues away 
 A                      E 
Heard about the ship Titanic 
 A                       E 
Sank it on the northern sea 
 A                    E         B7                            *(G#, G, F#) E 
Ain't never took no boat ride 'till you been riding on the Mississippi 
(Full House Aces High Live version ending) 
Well there ain't no tourist class and it ain't too fast 
Just one for all and we're having a ball  
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