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Shepherd Ukulele tab

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Tono:  Ab

Intro: Ab Ab/C Db Eb Ab  

       Ab              Ab/C 
In the process, in the waiting 
              Db       Eb   Ab 
You’re making melodies over me 
         Ab              Ab/C 
And Your presence is the promise 
           Db           Eb      Ab 
For I am a pilgrim on a journey 

Eb Fm You will lift my head above the Db Ab Eb mighty waves You are able to Fm Db Ab keep me from stumbling And in my Eb Fm weakness You are the strength that Db Ab Bbm comes from within Good Shepherd Ab/C Db Bbm Eb of my soul Take my hand and lead me Ab on
verse 2 Ab Ab/C You make my footsteps and my path Db Eb secure so walking on water is just Ab the beginning Ab Cause my faith to arise, stand at Ab/C Db attention For You are calling me to Eb Ab greater things Bridge Ab Ab/C Oh how I love You, how I love You Db Fm Eb You have not forsaken me Ab Ab/C Oh how I love You, how I love You Db Fm Eb With You is where I want to be
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