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Black Gives Way To Blue Ukulele tab

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Black Gives Way To Blue

(Jerry Cantrell)

Tono:  A
A    E    D    Bm    A    E 

D            Bm         A          E 
I don't wanna feel no more 
D            Bm         A          E 
    It's easier to keep falling 
D      Bm          A           E 
    Imitations are pale 
D            Bm      A 
    The emptiness of tomorrows  
C#              D          Bm 
haunted by your ghost  

A E D Bm Lay down black gives way to blue A E D Bm Lay down I remember you
Break: A E D Bm A C# D Bm A E Fading out by design D Bm A E Consciously avoiding changes D Bm A E Curtains drawn now it's done D Bm A Silencing all tomorrows, C# D Bm forcing a good-bye
A E D Bm Lay down black gives way to blue A C# D Lay down I'll remember you
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