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Nineteen Ukulele tab

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Tono:  G
Capo en el 4º traste


Intro Em,C,G,D 

    Em                   C 
I´m tired of playing the part 
            G                          D 
Of a little girl who, cant use her heart. 
    Em                C 
I´m broken, torn and scarred 
             G                    D 
From all the poison, you threw at us. 
    Em                  C 
But you won´t know, cuz you can´t see 
     G                   D 
The tattered child, you made of me 

       Em          C 
You´ll follow me into my dreams 
     G                   D 
And spit your words so desperately, 
     Em                     C               G     D     Am       C 
I'll wash my hands of this tragic mess, But truth can´t cure the blind, if   
they don´t care to see. 

Em              C  
Nineteen years inside this flesh 
I fought through pain, I paid my dues, 
But that´s still not enough for you. 
   Em                   C 
So where do we go from here? 
    G                           D 
You won´t keep me trapped in my fears. 

       Em               C 
You´re sinking in your selfishness, 
       G                      D 
We´re tainted by, words left unsaid. 

       Em           C 
You´ll follow me, into my dreams. 
     G                   D 
And spit your words, so desperately. 
     Em                      C 
I´ll wash my hands, of this tragic mess. 
    G     D     Am        C                           D 
But truth can´t cure the blind, if they don´t care to see. 
yeah... Em,C,G,D 

    Em              C 
Did you even notice look in my eyes, 
     G                      D 
When I spoke of him for the very first time. 
     Em                  C 
And do you remember when you were my age? 
G                  D         
Do you remember at all? 

      Em           C 
Don´t follow me, into my dreams 
     G                   D 
And spit your words so viciously, 
     Em                      C 
I´ll wash my hands, of this tragic mess. 
G      D    Am         C 
Truth can´t cure the blind, 
   G    D     Am           C 
I wish you´d change your mind... 
    D                    G 
But you don´t care to see. 
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